At Home With Keisha Soleil

at home with keisha soleil

“Come home to me.”

This phrase was uttered repeatedly as Keisha Soleil pleaded for her black people, guiding them home from injustice, abuse, misogyny, and destruction with the sounds of her melodic voice and the power of her poetic words.
When I first started watching this video, I had no expectations. A black filmmaker asked me to watch this video, and I said: “why not?” It was a short 21-minute video, and all I was going to do was probably waste that time on YouTube. I decided to be more intentional with that time and support black business.
We saw the crazy amount of support for the movie “Black Panther,” and we rode that high of seeing black people on the big screen for months. Many of us even said we need to see more black films. But we know Hollywood isn’t about black people, it’s just about money. In order for us to see more movies like “Black Panther,” where everyone involved is black(including behind the scenes), we gotta support the artists and those behind the scenes when they are just starting.

at home with keisha soleil

The film starts with this beautiful woman who gives off that Erykah Badu vibe, but not Erykah Badu. I think she only made me think of Ms. Badu due to her headdress and her aura. But once she started singing, it became clear that Keisha Soleil is destined for her own fame in spite of what others may think of her.
For 21 full minutes, Keisha kept my attention. Singing songs about the black struggle and interjecting poetry at the same time. Her music reminds me of the type of music you would play while cleaning your home in the afternoon, or vibing with some friends while discussing the wonders and atrocities of life.
I found myself eventually joining in on her soft melodic chant, “Come home to me.” And before I knew it, the video was over, and I was left wondering “is that it?” I wanted more of Keisha, and this snippet was just a little tease.
Ms. Soleil’s one-woman show was attended by many others who were just as intrigued and pleased as I was. No tricks or camera magic was added to this film. Just raw, uncut, music from the spirit to feed our souls. This video showcased the multiple talents of this beautiful woman and was produced by RLM films, a black-owned company that has launched a crazy amount of movies that are available on Amazon.
This young woman is the truth, and I encourage you to take a listen to her. She’s the fresh breath of air that our young generation needs.

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At Home With Keisha Soleil

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