Fall is for Party Animals

Fall Fashion

Ahh, the love of Fall and Fashion. 

The leaves turn colors, the beer darkens, and the bustle and cheer of football is inescapable. But, fall ushers in another major seasonal past time…Holiday parties. 

More than likely you spent all summer partying after the long work days. You went to cousin Kim’s wedding to which you wore your black suit. You wore your favorite sportscoat to the family reunion dinner, and you wore your linen suit to your best friend’s birthday party. So now you’ve come across a dilemma. You need a wardrobe refresh for the fall/winter party season.

This time of the year is jam-packed with countless events, such as the black-tie Gala that your significant other purchased tickets for, the holiday office party, and the ‘Grown n’ Sexy’ (whatever the hell that means) New Year’s Eve Party.

You, of course, need a different look for each event, and you have no clue what to do. You went into your usual stores and its just not working out. Well luckily you found me, and as a trusted Custom Clothier I’m here to guide you in the right direction. So, let’s tackle all three events today.

Let’s look at our first event– the black-tie Gala.

Fall Fashion

The event is as refined as it sounds. You must look as formal as possible (usually on the more conservative side), and you can’t get out of wearing a tuxedo. In this picture, you can see me wearing pretty much a standard tux, or so it seems. Yes, to the unsuspecting eye this is a normal tux, shawl collar (which we will cover next time); black tie, even did a third piece (vest). If you look closer, you’ll notice some details that set it apart from a normal tux. The lapel is the same fabric as the suit. Classic tuxedos usually have a shiny satin lapel. The monochromatic lapel adds a dimension of modern style to a sophisticated look. The gold buttons add a little flair to the outfit, which otherwise is also a satin cover. After all, style is in the details of the look. Look at the shirt. Deviate from the traditional spread collar and opt for the classic club collar. This collar is a favorite of mine. Ties sit a little cleaner and it gives an amazingly vintage yet classy look. Your tie should remain satin for formalities. Finish it off of course with a plain black or white pocket square, and a classic patent leather shoe.


 Our next look is the office party.

Fall Fashion

This is where you can have a little more fun, as opposed to the black-tie event. Some people try to avoid being the best-dressed guy in fear of looking better than the boss or becoming the center of attention. I, on the other hand, say screw it! This is the time to go against your usual routine, even if it’s only for one night. Go for that bold dinner jacket. I really enjoy a good patterned jacket like the one in the picture. The holiday party is meant to be fun, so go for it! Wear this jacket with no tie and open. Dare I suggest a shirt with a mandarin collar?! Yes, in fact, I do suggest it. If you were in my showroom I would tell you that you are in fact wearing that! You can keep it simple in your accessories and wear a simple black pant (perhaps you have a pair from the look above). Wear this outfit with an awesome velvet loafer and stunt on ‘em…! This look is an absolute head-turner and showstopper. The Nature Boy himself would give you a WOOOO or two.



 Our final look is the ‘Grown n’ Sexy’ New Year’s Eve party.

Fall Fashion


Most people raise an eyebrow when they see this as the dress code because WTF does that mean? I have learned over time that this theme is open for interpretation. I have been to parties where guys are in a full tux, and I have seen guys in True Religion jeans and a Burberry shirt (if you own those jeans still, or Robin, or Rock Revival I beg you to burn them. Like, forreal they’re played out… dictated not read, Management) I have decided to do a more casual look for this event. The bold jacket or a velvet dinner jacket paired with a solid black t-shirt and black jeans. Let’s be honest you’ll be kind of warm and you will more than likely spill liquor on your shirt. The black t-shirt eliminates both problems. Accessorize as much as you want with this look. Throw on a chain or 2 (TRUE!), take a bandana and use it as a neckerchief in place of the bowtie, slide on a Chelsea boot like what I have on in the picture, and rock the hell out of the look for one hell of a night!



All the best gents…

Armaan HunnicuttArmaan Hunnicutt is a personal stylist and custom clothier for Threadwell Custom Clothier. You can contact him at armaan@threadwellclothiers.com for any questions, or to schedule a fitting.






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